Concrete Repairs


Sodeco Specialties S.A.E is specialized in concrete repair systems. Yet, before we can repair, we diagnose the problem, troubleshooting the damage and coming up with the best concrete repair solution. Being concrete injection works (Polythixon PM) or concrete rehabilitation (Tradecc) and restoration (Vandex), the wide range of materials and new technologies along with the know-how of our staff we deliver a wide array of application techniques and materials.








Polythixon PM

CR Chemie


Polyurethane based flexible injection system with high tensile strength

Cementitious Grouting & Injection Mortar

Germany / Swizerland

A polymer modified Cementitious powder for filling cracks

Carbon Fibers


Monumental Buildings &

Refurbishment System


Germany / Swizerland

A complete system of specialized materials for old buildings refurbishment

A range of light weight, fibrated epoxy resin based repair mortar

To seal dry, damp and leaking cracks and joints

Used for minor crack repairing, patch repair, minor void repairs in concrete & mortar

Used for repairing damaged, weak or debonded concrete

Refurbishment of monumental old buildings