Waterproofing Systems


Sodeco Specialties S.A.E is specialized in waterproofing systems for buildings and other structures to protect the structural integrity from the damaging effects of water ingress. We fully recognize that while waterproofing protection can be a relatively a minor component of the overall construction costs; it is a vital ingredient to the success of a project completion and determines the building's longevity, therefore we offer various systems using bituminous membranes (SOBIT), cementitious materials (Vandex), HDPE, EPDM & TPO (Firestone), PVC (Renolit) etc..








Modified Bituminous Membranes


A range of APP & SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membranes

Used for waterproofing of basements, roofs, water-retaining  structures & roof gardens

Cementitious Products

Germany / Swizerland

In-depth Waterpoofing and Protection slury

Can be applied to all structurally sound concrete such as basement retaining walls, concrete slabs, construction joints, water retaining structures, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, channels, bridges, etc…

P.V.C Membrane


Homogeneous flexible polyvinyl; chloride geomembrane

Used in tunnels, underground & tanking work, basements, roofs & swimming pools

Polyethylene Sheets (H.D.P.E)


Wide range of High Density Polyethylene Sheets

Used to protect and insulate Irrigation canals, decorative lakes, tunneling, land fills, ponds & lagoons

E.P.D.M Membrane


A single-ply synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane

Used as a long-term waterproofing solution for commercial, residential and other roofing applications & pond liner

T.P.O Membranes


Ultra ply TPO is a flexible thermoplastic polyolefin membrane combining the weatherability of rubber with the heat weldability of a thermoplastic

Used as a long-term waterproofing solution for commercial, residential and other roofing applications

Polyurethane Membranes



One-component liquid, cold applied waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing of tanks, sewage treatment plant, toilets & pool deck

Asphalt & Felt membranes


3 types of waterproofing asphalt and glass fabric for built up system

Roofing and waterproofing work of buildings



Semi-flexible, premoulded bituminous boards

Provides positive protection to waterproofing membranes and coating